This is the seventh in the series of conferences, held every two years, designed to reinforce and further develop High Energy Physics in Croatia, especially in connection with the LHC Project.

The topics will include:

  • LHC Physics

    • First results

    • SM physics

    • SM and MSSM Higgs boson searches

    • SUSY searches

    • Heavy ion physics

    • B-physics

    • LHC physics perspectives

  • LHC Detectors

    • Detectors comissioning

    • Status of detectors

    • Trigger and computing

    • Detectors upgrades

  • General

    • Review of RHIC results

    • Review of Tevatron results

    • Astroparticle physics with FERMI, MAGIC and AUGER

    • Future of astroparticle physics

    • Cosmology

    • Neutrino physics