What we do

Turning smart glasses into assistive device for low vision people.

Use see-through smart glasses for vision enhancement

Augment real world view with enhanced image to correct optical defects of human eye

Bringing the new opportunities for low vision people

Visually impaired people

In 2013 World Health Organization estimated that approximately 39 million people were blind, while 246 million suffered from low vision. Total blindness is state where person on better eye has at most 2% of normal vision regardless of the optical correction, while low vision is defined as state where person on better eye has between 5% and 40% percent of normal vision using optical correction. Leading causes of visual impairment in developed countries are age-related diseases like macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma etc.

Our idea

Thanks to the development of see-through HMD devices (Google Glass, Epson Moverio, Microsoft HoloLens), it is possible to superimpose enhanced image taken by camera on the real world view of the visually impaired user. In this way we want to correct optical impairment of the eye: image captured by camera is processed and overlaid in the user's field of view to compensate optical aberration.

Currently we are developing demo app for EPSON Moverio BT 200 smart glasses.
More info soon..