Josip Maras, Ph.D., Eng.
Post-doc researcher
University of Split


Currently I am a post-doc researcher at the Department for Modeling and Intelligent Systems (KaMIS), Faculty of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and naval architecture (FESB), University of Split, Croatia.

I got my Ph.D. in Software Engineering as a part of a double-degree program between the University of Split and Mälardalen University (MDH), Sweden. My advisers were: Ivica Crnković and Jan Carlson at MDH, and Maja Štula at FESB. My thesis was on automating reuse in Web application development (pdf). I got my M.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Split. (Download CV)


Research Overview

The main focus of my research is code analysis in the Web application domain, where I have dealt with a number of problems surrounding feature identification, dynamic slicing, testing, and reuse. As side tracks, I have also done research in the areas of component-based development, software engineering in general, and multi-agent systems.

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Academic Positions