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  • Accommodation booking provided by travel agency SplitTours

Please book your accommodation as soon as possible since the total number of rooms  is limited (September is still a holiday season in Split) and the rooms will be booked on the “first come, first served" principle.

  • Although the early (guaranteed) accommodation booking deadline was June 30, the travel agency (SplitTours ) will continue to help participants with finding suitable accommodations, please contact them with your requests. In addition to the hotels available through the SplitTours , there are many other hotels and B&B in Split, you may find information about them using Google or other search engines.

  • In case if you have a problem with finding accommodations or a question, please contact the local organizers (Ivica.Puljak at cern.ch ; Nikola.Godinovic at cern.ch), and they will help you.

  • In last several days, due to service work the SplitTours web site happens to be  down from time to time ( it lasts about 15  minutes), please accept our apologies.
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