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Split, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Bari, Italy

October 15-17, 1998


Thursday, October 15, 1998, Split, Hall A

15.00-17.00 Advanced Services in Telecommunication Networks 1 (A1)

QoS in Multi-Provider Environment
I. Grgic, Telenor Research and Development, Norway; M. Koljatic, HEP, Croatia; R. Marusic, Croatian Post and Telecommunications, Croatia

Global Internet Roaming
T. zuvela, Croatian Post and Telecommunications, Croatia

Building an Enterprise Information System for Business-to-Business Applications
X. Wu, Deutsche Telekom AG, Germany

A LAN-oriented protocol for survivable and membership-insensitive group communication
J. Konorski, Technical University of Gdansk, Poland

FAMES: Design and Implementation of Flexible Asynchronous Messaging System
J. Sekiba, G. Kitagata, T. Suganuma, T. Kinoshita, Tohoku University, Japan; K. Okada, Keio University, Japan; N. Shiratori, Tohoku University, Japan

TCP/IP Network Based Remote Control System
Z. Torba, University of Split, Croatia

Intelligent Services in Croatia - Challanges and Results
V. Vrbanic, K. Vukovic, I. Feketija, Croatian Post and Telecommunications, Croatia

Hypermedia Design Oriented to Enhancing Cultural Heritage Awareness
Anna Gentile, University of Lecce, Italy

17.15-19.00 ATM Network Systems, Traffic Modeling and Control (B)

Testing for Installation and Maintenance of ATM Networks
V. Lipovac, Hewlett-Packard, Austria

Influence of ATM ABR QoS Parameters on the Window-Time Flow Control Stability
J. Ozegovic, I. Pezelj, University of Split, Croatia

ATM Congestion Control Using Backup Virtual Channels
J. S
á Silva, F. Boavida, Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal

Open ATM Networks and Distributed Control Mechanisms for Binding Services
D. Houatra, France Telecom, France

Relevance and Implications of Long-Memory Background Traffic on ABR Explicit-Rate Allocation: A Single Bottleneck Case
M. Vojnovic, A. Restovic, University of Split, Croatia

Partial Buffer Sharing Scheme: An Analysis of Cell Loss Probability
M. Kapov, University of Split, Croatia

ATM Traffic via Satellite - Seamless Interconnection Between Terrestrial and Ship Backbone Network
M. Vrdoljak, G. Škugor, D. Matijašević, University of Split, Croatia

Thursday, October 15, 1998, Split, Hall B

15.00-17.00 Software Architecture, Design and Applications 1 (C1)

Towards formal model of Distributed Systems
J. Bi,
X. Chen, J. Wu, Tsinghua University, China

Software Upgrade Project Effort Estimation
V. Mrsic, , Ericsson Nikola Tesla, Croatia

Software Size Estimation in Project Management
P. Pavic, D. Filjar,
Ericsson Nikola Tesla, Croatia

Java Applet Development for Distance Learning
D. Mikic, P. Peranovic, Z. Skocir, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Computer-Aided Tools for the Telecommunication Network Design
G. R. Mateus, C.I.P.S. P
á dua, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil

Protocol Requirement Definition and Verification in Knowledge Based Environment
B. Blaskovic, P. Knezevic, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Java, Tools and Development Environment
M. Kusek, D. Frank, D. Grahovac, University of Zagreb, Croatia

17.15-19.00 Wireless Communication Systems (D)

Design and Implementation of Cell Planning System
J. Park, Y. Kim, H. Jung, Korea Telecom, Korea

Performance of Dynamic Channel Allocation in an Urban Cordless System with DECT Standard
G. Boggia, P. Camarda, Politecnico di Bari, Italy

Locating Calling Mobile Stations By Neural Network ART2
M. Shang, The University of Texas at Dallas, USA

Hierarchical Radio-Relay Link Design and Analysis
S. Cho, H. Kim, S. Lee, H. Lee, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea

Path Loss Prediction in (Sub)Urban Environments with the Aid of an Uniform Geometrical Theory of Diffraction
I. Zanchi, Z. Blazevic, I. Marinovic, University of Split, Croatia

Assessment of Giovaneli’s Contribution to a Multiple Diffraction Losses Prediction
I. Marinovic, I. Zanchi, Z. Blazevic, University of Split, Croatia

Broadband Communication Techniques Toward Mobile Wireless Multimedia
B. Zovko-Cihlar,
S. Grgic, M. Grgic, University of Zagreb, Croatia

19.30 Dinner in the Dining room

Friday October 16, 1998, Bari, Hall A

09.00-10.45 Software Architecture, Design and Applications 2 (C2)

A Configurable Code Generation Tool for SDL
P. Langend
ö rfer, Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nurenberg, Germany; H. Kö nig, Technical University of Bradenburg at Cottbus, Germany

Software Architecture Based on an Optional Feature Mechanism for ATM Multimedia Networks
S. Shiraishi, H. Yao, S. Tachimoto, K. Seino, NTT Network Service Systems Laboratories, Japan

A Framework to Facilitate Rapid Development of CORBA based IN Services
.A. Berg, S. Brennan, Iona Technologies, Ireland; K. Myksvoll, Telenor Research & Development, Norway, M. Crotty, Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland

A Lexicological Data Base ITS Implementation and Use
Stambuk, University of Split, Croatia; I. Jercic, Croatian Post and Telecommunications, Croatia

The Role of the Software Engineering Process Group in Software Design and Production
V. Radatovic, D. Flam, Ericsson Nikola Tesla, Croatia

Object Orientation in SDL
M. Kunstic, O. Jukic, M. Mikuc, University of Zagreb, Croatia

11.00-13.00 Network Design, Management, and Control (E)

Addaptive Traffic Routing in the Telecommunications network - Applaying Neural Automata
M. Ferisak, MORH, VTS, Croatia; I. Kovac, K. Krajina, Croatian Post and Telecommunications, Croatia; H. Pavicic, Privredna banka Zagreb, Croatia; M. Tkalic, University of Zagreb, Croatia

LAG Evolution
K. Lukac, Siemens dd, Croatia; M. Mise, E. Sarjanovic, Ericsson Nikola Tesla. Croatia; F. Vuksanovic, M. Tkalic, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Workload Distribution in Internet/Intranet Environment
P. Knezevic, B. Blaskovic, University of Zagreb, Croatia; K. Segaric, Coting d.o.o., Croatia

On Network Design: Cost Minimization via Amalgamation of Flows
H. Podnar, J. Skorin-Kapov, State University of New York at Stony Brook, USA

A Prediction Model for the Estimation of the Maintenance Effort
H Naglic, Ericsson Nikola Tesla, Croatia

Is the Co-design Interesting for the Implementation of Communication Systems
B. Maaref, LSR-IMAG, Fra
nce, S. Nasri, M. Abid, L2iA-ENIM, Tunisie

Performance Evaluation of Educational Workstation Network Systems
Susumu Ishihara,
Nagoya University, Japan; Hideki Kojima, KDD Co., Ltd, Japan; Minoru Okada, Nagoya University, Japan

Verifying Communication Network Functionality through Protocol Testing
D. Yang,
B. Young Lee, Korea Telecom Research & Development Group, Korea, K.Y. Kim, J.Y. Choi, Electronic and Telecom. Institute, Korea; S. Kang, Korea Telecom Research & Development Group, Korea

Friday, October 16, 1998, Bari, Hall B

09.00-10.25 Signal Processing and Coding (F)

An adaptive video compression algorithm based on wavelet filter banks for best effort networks with closed flow control
S. Felici, B. Beferull, J. Martinez, G. Martin, Univ. de Valencia, Spain

Objective and Subjective Measurements for Video Compression System
S. Grgic, M. Grgic, B. Zovko-Cihlar, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Image Displacement Vector Determination by Fuzzy Set Comparator
M. Bonkovic, D. Stipanicev, University of Split, Croatia

Some Initialization Problems in Clustering and Their Remedies
D. Ghosh, A. P. Shivaprasad, Indian Institute of Science, India

Error Control Scheme for Hybrid Satellite - Terrestrial Networks
Z. Ilic, S. Pilipovic, A. Bazant, University of Zagreb, Croatia

10.30-11.30 Electromagnetic Compatibility / Circuit Design (G)

Bi-criteria Model of the Cascade RC Filter Optimization
L. Bilicic, I. Zulim, University of Split, Croatia

Determining the Nominal Function of the Active Analog RC Filter
I. Zulim, L. Bilicic,
I. Zanchi, University of Split, Croatia

Wire Antenna Theory Applied to the Electromagnetic Interaction Problems with Loss Included
V. Roje, D. Poljak, University of Split, Croatia

Currents and Fields Induced in Human being Exposed to the Electromagnetic Radiation
D. Poljak, V. Roje, University of Split, Croatia

11.35-13.00 Advanced Services in Telecommunication Networks 2 (A2)

An Innovative Technique for Multimedia Broadcasting on the Internet
B. Furht, Florida Atlantic University, USA; R. Westwater, Future Ware, USA; J. Ice, Pipe Dream, USA

Access Network Information Model Development in New Telecommunication Information System
M. Ciliga, z. Golik, D. saric, Croatian Post and Telecommunications, Croatia

Remote Control and Supervision System Research
S. Gotovac, J. Ozegovic, L. Pravdica, L. Viđak, University of Split, Croatia

The Role of Smart Card in Secure Communication with Slovenian Health Insurance Card Example
R. Novak, D. Trcek, G. Kandus, Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia; M Suselj, Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia, Slovenia

Multimedia Dictionary Network Application: Some Design Concepts and Java Implementation Issues
H. Dujmic, M. Vojnovic, N. Rozic, D. Begusic, University of Split, Croatia

Communication and Information Technologies for Virtual Factories
I. Veža, J. Ursić, University of Split, Croatia

Quantum Mind Emerges From Prefrontal Cortex Nested Chaotic Processes
B. Soucek, IRIS, Bari, Italy

14.00 Lunch in the Dining room